CO2 Crusade Excesses Begin

The analysis of the global climate change has become quite contentious.  We seem to be focusing on issues that seem to have a minor impact on the climate and taking actions that are reminiscent of the various religious debates that have occurred over the centuries.

The current focus of climate change debate seems to be on carbon dioxide (CO2), almost to the exclusion of other issues.  Though CO2 may have a role in the change of weather patterns, CO2 seems to have a very minor role, perhaps insignificant role compared to some major cosmological issues.

  • Sun spots—The sun goes through a period of apparent warming and cooling, approximately every 11 years.  The cycle was noticed by a count of sun spots.  This cycle of sun spots was noticeably interrupted during the Maunder minimum (1645-1717) which was during the depth of the Little Ice Age (1550-1850)
  • Volcanic activity—Volcanoes often spew ash and sulfur into the atmosphere, which reflect the sunlight that would otherwise reach the earth.
    • The 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora in the Dutch East Indies was followed by the 1816 year without a summer, during which Boston experienced a July snow fall
    • The 1600 eruption of Huaynaputina in Peru was followed by the Russian famine of 1601-1603 which led to the decline of Tsar Boris Gudonov.

Both of these extended winters occurred during the Little Ice Age and may have contributed to the Little Ice Age as much as the Maunder minimum.

  • Earth’s axial tilt—The tilt of the earth’s axis is changing slightly, such that the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn are both moving toward the equator by about 50 feet a year, and the Arctic and Antarctic Circles are shrinking by a similar amount.
  • The ocean bed—Earthquakes and landslides change the shape of the ocean bed, which determines the circulating currents of the ocean
  • Ice cover on the Arctic Sea—The Northwest Passage, which would provide a channel for shipping between the Atlantic and the Pacific, would also provide a new path for circulating currents of the ocean

These cosmic effects may dwarf the impact of the change in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

The crusade for CO2 production abatement has led to excesses, some of which have historic precedents in the religious disputes of the past.

  • Indulgences—The Roman Catholic church has long had its members confess their sins and then undertake acts to show their remorse.  For a while the Roman Catholic church sold indulgences that covered sins that people anticipated performing, essentially getting permission to do bad things ahead of time.  Many people look at CO2 emissions in the same way.  Their extravagance in emitting CO2 can be forgiven by buying emission offsets, such as planting a tree.  This indulgence purchasing process was most notably demonstrated by former vice president Al Gore.
  • The Mob—The Washington Post reported 2013 January 22 that the Italian mob has moved into the wind industry, torching competitive wind farms and obtaining sweetheart contracts with the government for the sale of electricity from wind farms owned by the mob.  Similar sweetheart contracts have been negotiated in the U.S., though there have been no allegations of mob influence, just prices that will raise the price of electricity to consumers.
  • Forced conversions—Some religious groups have forced non-members to become members.  The practice of forcing consumers to obtain a portion of their total electricity consumption as renewable energy effectively forces all consumers to convert to a belief that renewable energy is the only way to save the planet from climate change.